why choose plastic pallets over wooden ones?

Pallets are a great way to store and transport goods, but why choose plastic pallets over wooden ones? One of the main advantages of plastic pallets over wooden pallets is that plastic pallets are resilient to the growth of termites and fungi in them. Fungal formation and termite growth in trays can not only cause hygiene problems but also weaken the surface of the trays, making them more brittle. Plastic pallets resist these foreign objects, providing a better material handling and storage solution.

The more stylish your material handling solution, the easier it will be for you to keep your warehouse or storage space tidy. Plastic pallets are lightweight and therefore easy to stack in warehouses and factories. This gives individuals more space to move around and navigate their machines freely, thereby promoting better social distancing. It also helps you get more efficient access to the entire floor space (including corners) to thoroughly clean every part of the chamber.

A flat, smooth pallet surface may not be as solid as it looks. Perforated plastic pallets provide a stable surface for plastic crates and other heavy loads for efficient storage and transport without any spillage or slippage. In addition, the high-quality plastic pallets are equipped with non-slip grommets and safety edges to ensure that the goods are always securely fastened to the pallet.