how many pallets fit in a 26ft box truck

The number of pallets that can fit in a 26-foot box truck depends on various factors, including the type of pallets, the specific dimensions of the truck, and how the pallets are loaded. However, a common estimate is that a 26-foot box truck can typically accommodate around 14 to 16 standard pallets.

load pallet in a truck

Standard pallets in the United States usually have dimensions of 48 inches by 40 inches. Keep in mind that the specific configuration of the truck’s cargo space, as well as the loading method (single or double stacking), will impact the exact number of pallets that can be accommodated.

For a more accurate calculation, it’s advisable to measure the interior dimensions of the box truck and consider any constraints, such as the wheel wells and other obstructions. Additionally, consulting with the truck’s manufacturer or supplier for the specific cubic footage and load capacity of the truck would provide more precise information.