Moving crates

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Attached Lid Distribution Containers

Attached Lid Distribution Containers,Lid Attached Container For Sale

Inquiry NLT4324
External Dimensions
400X300X240 mm
15.75X11.81X9.45 in
16 Liters
4.23 Us gallon
hot sale plastic totes for storage

Attached lid distribution containers,storage containers with lids attached

Inquiry NLT6433
External Dimensions
600X400X335 mm
23.62X15.75X13.19 in
60 Liters
15.85 Us gallon

Attached lid totes,plastic storage totes with lids

Inquiry 395
External Dimensions
430X300X285 mm
16.93X11.81X11.22 in
29.8 Liters
7.87 Us gallon
plastic containers for moving

Best plastic containers for moving model-480

Inquiry 480
External Dimensions
550X345X210 mm
21.65X13.58X8.27 in
29 Liters
7.66 Us gallon
heavy duty plastic containers with lids

Heavy Duty Plastic Containers With Lids MODEL-6428

Inquiry 6428
External Dimensions
600X400X280 mm
23.62X15.75X11.02 in
50 Liters
13.21 Us gallon

Plastic Moving Bins,storage bins with lids

Inquiry 6843
External Dimensions
680X430X320 mm
26.77X16.93X12.6 in
75 Liters
19.81 Us gallon
plastic moving containers for sale

Plastic Moving Containers For Sale MODEL-700

Inquiry 700
External Dimensions
700X465X345 mm
27.56X18.31X13.58 in
80 Liters
21.13 Us gallon
plastic moving crates for sale

Plastic Moving Crates/Box for sale

Inquiry NLT6426
External Dimensions
600X400X260 mm
23.62X15.75X10.24 in
47 Liters
12.42 Us gallon
Moving Totes For Sale

Plastic Totes With Hinged Lids,Moving Totes For Sale

Inquiry 560
External Dimensions
600X400X315 mm
23.62X15.75X12.4 in
61 Liters
16.11 Us gallon
plastic storage totes with lids

Wholesale plastic storage totes with lids,attached lid totes

Inquiry 6425
External Dimensions
600X400X250 mm
23.62X15.75X9.84 in
45 Liters
11.89 Us gallon

Plastic moving crates are heavy duty plastic storage boxes with hinged lids.Some people call it Attached lid containers. They are designed to stack when full and nest when empty, saving up to 75% valuable storage space.And these reusable plastic moving boxes and supplies at half the cost of cardboard boxes.

These reusable moving boxes can be recycled and used to make more boxes. Save money. No need to purchase tape or box cutters. Keep items safe. These water-resistant, durable moving bins keep your belongings safe and secure.

These hinged lid plastic crates are commonly used for many types of applications, such as office moves, distribution, logistics, events and industrial storage. Large crates are commonly used in the removal industry.Our range of plastic moving crates are available in high density Polyethylene (HDPE) and Polypropylene (PP)


  • Lid interlocks to stay closed
  • Eyelets on each end allow secure closure with zip ties
  • Containers can be stacked when lid is closed or nested when lid is open