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Product Model


External Dimensions

1200X1000X975 mm
47.24X39.37X38.39 in

Internal Dimensions

1130X930X815 mm
44.49X36.61X32.09 in


58 kg
127.87 lbs


840 Liters
221.9 Us gallon


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Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBCs), also known as tote tanks or bulk bins, are versatile and cost-effective Folding Large Containers designed for the transport and storage of liquids and bulk materials. These containers bridge the gap between traditional drums and large tanks, offering a practical solution for industries requiring efficient handling of moderate to large quantities of liquids, powders, or granulated substances.

Our Intermediate bulk containers IBC1210 model is a FLC and ideal for many applications,from parts handling in the automotive sector to the inter-department movement and storage of small packages in the pharmaceutical sector. It is designed to improve handling efficiency, save costs and reduce packaging waste in line with the trend from the global logistic packaging industry.

intermediate bulk containers usage steps

intermediate bulk containers use step

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