100% virgin PP fruit and vegetable crate on hot sell


Product Model

1#vegetable crate

External Dimensions

585X365X340 mm
23.03X14.37X13.39 in

Internal Dimensions

555X335X325 mm
21.85X13.19X12.8 in


2.5 kg
5.51 lbs


60 Liters
15.85 Us gallon


Our 100% brand new fruit and vegetable crate on hot sell. They are made from  tough, durable and UV resistant food grade pp.Its clever design requires a 180º rotation to enable them  to either stack or nest.  which provides substantial freight and logistic savings when not in use and stack when full . Perforated design with holes for air flow and ideal for vegetable storage.

100% virgin PP fruit and vegetable crate are ideal for a wide selection of industries including:food trades,small goods manufacturing,materials handling,engineering,automotive,warehouse and distribution,etc

fruit and vegetable crate